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The first visual effects test film

Well, I've been hiding this from the general public for a long time, but here is the 1st special effects test video.

It's about 12 seconds long. It just shows me and Dave igniting lightsabers and moving in for a fight. It was meant to only be a quick clip to see if we could make effects anywhere near cool.
The actual lightsabers that we're holding are the Kenner/Hasbro electronic lightsabers made from the Star Wars films. I got the saber noises right off of Star Wars I The Phantom Menace. The music is by John Williams (who, in my own oppinion, is a god in the musical world) and is taken from the The Phantom Menace soundtrack. This isn't meant to be a movie and I'm not claiming any originality. This was just a test to see if we'd be able to immitate the effect.

File hosted by ZippyVideos.
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