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Movie Synopsis

"Return of the Chicken"
rated G
This is an action figure movie.

This film features an old fashioned silent movie introduction recapping Fonzy's death and how it was "re-awakened".
The Robinson family is stranded on a planet after their spaceship, the Jupiter 2, crashed. But now the ship is repaired and they are ready to lift off again! Once back in space, they engage an alien spacecraft in battle and both ships crash on another planet below. The family and crew must survive a menacing alien, scheming traitors, and other dangers in order to survive.

NOTE: The lighting during this film wasn't good so the footage is very grainy. The stills look bad, but the actual movie is better since it's in constant motion.

Prof. John Robinson, The Robot, Dr. Zachary Smith, Major Don West

Fonzy the Chicken, Judy Robinson, William Robinson, Species 8472, Mace Windu

music by:
Jerry Goldsmith, Joel Goldsmith, Jun Senoue, Howard Shore, John Williams

filmed in:
Joe's bedroom

Running time: roughly 30 minutes or more.

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