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Movie Synopsis

"Dino Crisis"
rated G
This is an action figure movie.

Grant and Billy get news of another adventure. They head off to investigate a giant lizard. But they're not making the same mistakes again! This time they've brought along some troops for protection. Once on the undisclosed island, they are almost immediately attacked by a spinosaurus. Grant, Billy, and the Sergeant managed to subdue the dinosaur, but now they're lost on the island and need help getting off.
They drive around and finally find a native tour guide to guide them off the island. But the guide (Mace Windu) has his own agenda. For some time now, there have been strange mutated dinosaurs appearing in the jungle. He asks Dr. Grant to help him investigate and Grant agrees. On the way, they must face mutant dinos, giant bugs, and and evil Sith lord scientist.

Billy Brennan, Alan Grant

Clone Trooper as the Sergeant, Darth Maul, Mace Windu

supporting characters:
2 Endor Rebel troopers, 2 Geonosian wariors, Paul Kirby, military diver, military general, military pilot, 2 sandtroopers

cameos by:
Bossk, Jango Fett, Godzilla, Han Solo, Super Mario

music by:
Don Davis, John Williams

filmed in:
Joe's bedroom

Running time: somewhere between 45 minutes and 1 hour.

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