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Pea Soup Productions Inc.
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Pea Soup Productions Inc. is a film company founded and run by Joseph Carrubba (lostcause1020). It's humble beginnings began as a high school hobby, a joke, during the school year of 2002-2003. Since then, it has not grown much. However, it's founder hopes and plans for it to someday grow into a full blown filming company.

Pea Soup film history:
(Click the movie title to read about it, see pictures, and maybe even WATCH IT!!!)

"Chicken Attack" (2002)
"Dino Trackers" (2003)
"Return of the Chicken" (2003)
"Dino Crisis" (2003)
"Endgame" (2004)
"Offscreen" (2004)
"Shining Darkness" (2004)
"Chicken Attack - Re-edit" (2005)
"Snow Camp Challenges" (2005)
"Dino Trackers - Re-edit" (2005)

Test/other films:
(Click on the link to watch these short clips)

"The 1st lightsaber effects film"
"Carrubba House" intro clip
"2nd lightsaber effects test film"

Pea Soup Producions Inc. is constantly looking for new personel to add quality to its products and open the doors to more possibilities. Thus far, Pea Soup Productions Inc. has been a non profit organization. That is hoping to change with the future release of its first full length live action feature film (still in pre-production developement).

Joseph Carrubba owes much thanks to both Jarad Anthony Natelino and Joseph "Spazz" Carley for their inspiration and encouragement to bring his creations to the next level.

Check out these cool movies that I made! Some are clips of me and my friends. Some are little films and/or commercials that I made.

SENIOR TRIP - Curtis Inglis SENIOR TRIP - fun on the bus SENIOR TRIP - bus Love singalong SENIOR TRIP - Dave Sperring SENIOR TRIP - velvet Curtis Chicken Attack SENIOR TRIP - George rides Justin SENIOR TRIP - whack a mole Dino Trackers Clear Eyes commercial Fat Fast commercial 1st lightsaber effects test 2nd lightsaber effects test taco's rule